Pathogon™ is a fragrance-free, fast-acting biodegradable disinfectant which destroys micro-organisms contaminating surfaces. It is aqueous biocidal and contains no aggressive chemicals nor organic solvents. Not only is this less damaging to the environment, its application can also simply and easily be removed using nothing more than a clean cloth and hand-hot water.

1 single application = 216 generic disinfectant applications

One single application of Pathogon™ is equivalent to 216 applications of a generic disinfectant and can protect surfaces against further microbial contaminations from several days up to 30 days before the next application.

Building Maintenance

Areas of Application

Pathogon™ can be used in many common areas, and can be applied to all surfaces which are not sensitive to water. Public places such as Hospitals, Hotels and Schools, and Recreational Facilities such as Clubs, Indoor Children Facilities, F & B outlets and Airports. Pathogon™ contains anti-algae properties which can protect surfaces against the growth of algae for months, even when treated surfaces are under water.

Personal Hygiene

Pathogon™ is available in hand foam form for hand disinfection use. Awarded with the EN1500 "Hygienic hand rub" certification, it is alcohol-free, dermatologically tested and perfectly safe for use on human skin. Depending on your required handwashing cycles, Pathogon™ hand foam can be applied as many times a day as you wish, to protect hands against further contaminations between each wash. Users can benefit from up to 8 hours of hand protection with each use of this Pathogon™ alcohol-free hand sanitiser.

alcohol-free hand sanitiser

Food Processing Industry

Pathogon™ has been successfully used for reducing contamination in the food processing industry for the last 5 years. Pathogon™ is typically applied at least once a day as part of the industry’s hygienic regime to prevent contamination of raw products, food contact surfaces and touching points. It is predominantly used in food processing units such as fish processing and poultry slaughter houses, where Pathogon™ can be applied daily via fixed installed fogging units.

Cleaning Products


Pathogon™ is safe to use on animals and has been successfully used in the Veterinary profession. Besides being suitable for use as a shampoo, ear wash and mouthwash for animals, as a teat wipe in milk production and pig rearing, it is also particularly useful for reducing levels of ammonia and Salmonella in poultry rearing. Pathogon™ has passed a host of veterinary related certifications including EN14204 (For mycobactericidal activity in the veterinary area), EN14476 (Canine Parvovirus), EN1656 (Teat Disinfectant) and EN1275 (For fungicidal activity in veterinary area).