Made of natural resources, Biosativa ® is a 100% bio-degradable and effective cleaning product that is ideal for use in both household and industrial cleaning. Absolutely non-polluting and water-soluble, this environmental friendly cleaning solution offers many favourable advantages which only highly polluting cleaning agents can offer, in a completely organic way.

Biosativa ® has been recognised for its unique characteristics and is the gold winner of the 2012 environmental “Green Apple Award” held in Europe.

  • Benefits of Biosativa
    • Made in Germany
    • Made of natural resources
    • Non-polluting and water-soluble
    • Does not cause harm to animals, plants and surfaces
    • 100% bio-degradable
    • Enormous cleaning power
    • Non-corrosive to any paints, plastics or other materials
    • Cleans in an environmentally-friendly manner

How does Biosativa ® works

Biosativa ®’s organic formula is made up of a new form of tensides (agents that modify the surface tension of liquids). These highly active tensides which are created mostly from hemp oil and yeast, allow Biosativa ® to offer exceptional cleaning power by reducing surface tension. Strong pollutants are emulsified to the extent that they are virtually neutralised. The result is an eco-friendly cleaning solution which reduces the environmental impact of cleaning.

Areas of Application

Biosativa ® is not corrosive to road surfaces, other surfaces and coatings. Due to its exceptionally high environmental compatibility, it is well suited for cleaning tasks in areas such as public markets, festival fairgrounds and fish markets. Besides being suitable for heavy industrial uses, it also cleans wonderfully on carpets.

Oil-contaminated removal

Odour Management

Biosativa ® has been successfully used in neutralising unpleasant oily smells from rooms contaminated by oil or fuel oil.

Oily and fatty residues removal

Waterways, Animals and Shorelines

Non-toxic for fish, algae, and any other species residing in or next to water, Biosativa ® is especially useful for removing oil films from shore areas, reed beds, breakwater walls, ship hulls and harbours, as well as for cleaning oil-contaminated animals and preventing aquatic life from suffocating. Bigger oil molecules are broken down into smaller molecules and then dispersed into the sea during the process.

Oily and fatty residues removal

Sewage Plants

Biosativa ® can efficiently degrade and remove oily and fatty residues, as well as other contaminants in sewage plants.

Oily and fatty residues removal

Soil Remediation

Biosativa ® is ideal for ecological soil remediation and for removal of oil spills as it allows rapid removal and biological degradation of contaminants within the soil.

Soil Remediations Biosativa

Oil Plant

Biosativa ® can efficiently degrade and remove oily and fatty residues, as well as other contaminants in sewage plants.

Oily and fatty residues removal

Fabric Cleaning

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Oily and fatty residues removal